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May 27th, 2020

Available from IDE the “Minigrout II”

The Minigrout II consists of a 250lt high shear mixer and 500lt agitator and grout pump. The Grout Pump has a double action piston and can be used for cement mortar or bentonite injections. It is perfect for Ground Anchors, Soil Nail, Micropiles, and Geothermal injection.

The grout pump consists of a double action piston, it is independent by the mixing unit, and provides high pressures and low pressures injections.

A standard grouting system consist of:

  • A high shear mixer. It is used to obtain cement mortar through the intense mixing of water and cement and/or bentonite. The obtained mix is transported into an agitator or directly into a grout pump.
  • An agitator, which maintains in suspension mixes such as cement grout or bentonite clay. The mix is transported directly to the grout pump.
  • A grout pump, with a double action piston used for cement mortar or bentonite injections with the use of grout tubes fitted with valves and Micropiles, or for geothermal injections.


  • Piston diameter 100 mm
  • Piston stroke 200 mm
  • Max pressure 100 bar
  • Max flow rate 70 litre/min – 4200 litre/h
  • Max grain size 3 mm
  • Electric motor 7,5 kw

High Sheer Mixer

  • Electric motor 7,5 kw
  • Mixing speed 1100 litre/min
  • Mixing capacity 250 litres
  • Cement outlet 2”


  • Electric motor 3 kw
  • Mixing speed 90 rpm
  • Mixing capacity 500 litres


  • Height 180 cm
  • Width 90 cm
  • Length 250 cm
  • Weight 700 kg

For video of a unit recently supplied to Mauritius Click Here and for more photos Click Here