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Casagrande C6xp-2 View details >
Engine power 119 kW
Stroke of rotary head 4100mm
Extraction force 85 kN
Weight 15000 kg
Crowd force 85 kN
Torque 15200 Nm
Max. Drilling speed 400rpm
Ripamonti EX300 View details >
Rotary Unit RH10X
Stroke 3300mm
Clamp & Break Device 60-190mm
Pull back 4500kg
Radio Remote Available
Tescar CF4 CFA View details >
Engine power
Extraction force
Crowd force
CFA Max Diameter 600mm
Ripamonti EX300 - Light View details >
Rotary Unit RH4X
Stroke 3300mm
Clamp & Break Device 55-155
Pull back 2500kg
Radio Remote Available


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